AGORATM offers a prime office environment strategically located
at the heart of Geneva and its United Nations district.
A state-of-the-art building commissioned in 2021.

Offices to let
customised to your needs

With more than 65% of the building already rented, AGORATM offers semi-fitted commercial spaces
from 240 sqm to 4’000 sqm, at a starting price
of CHF 365.- per sqm p.a. (ex-VAT).

A flexible work environment
delivered turnkey

Designed to offer maximum flexibility and customisation, AGORA TM and its design team look forward to
delivering high-end tenant specifications
on a turnkey basis.

OUR location in geneva

At the heart of Geneva and its United Nations district, home
to multinationals (JTI, LITASCO), academic centres (Campus Biotech, EPFL, IHEID) and UN agencies (WTO, WMO, ITU, UNHCR),
AGORATM offers an ideal location for entities seeking offices at competitive prices near Geneva's CBD, and its main gateways (airport, railway, motorway).


Transitioning from post-industrial to modern architecture, AGORATM with its design and high end specifications, is the ideal work environment for users with the most demanding specifications.

Ample daylight penetration reaching the core of the building, generous floor to ceiling free height, seamless space communication fostered by few pillars, all-year eco-friendly heating and air-conditioning, advanced lighting fixtures, generous underground parking spaces, render AGORATM a work environment focussed on users’ well-being and productivity.


AGORATM was conceived bearing in mind eco-friendly sustainability and cost efficiency. Systems' integration such as the use of Lake Geneva's water for air-conditioning, window opening and external blinds climate control or use of solar energy, allow its facility manager to ensure ultimate user comfort, with tenant charges as low as CHF 45 per sqm p.a. (excl. VAT).